Fashion, accessories, interior design, men's wear, all designed and hand made by me in New Zealand. Using ancient Māori weaving techniques in a contemporary way - Anna Hayes

NZ native flax (harakeke) woven and possum fur lined hand warmer
NZ native flax (harakeke) woven and shaped. Mounted on canvas

Red deer hide, deer antler clasp, NZ native flax (harakeke) and flax fibre (muka) man bag

NZ native flax (harakeke) light shade

Ribbon woven panel in hand made man's tie

Golden sand sedge (pīngao) and flax fibre (muka) wall hanging

NZ native flax (harakeke) woven in fishing net technique (kupenga) backpack

NZ native flax plaited and made into a bowl in the foreground, Woven NZ native flax in the background in the shape of New Zealand

NZ native flax, copper wire, greenstone (pounamu) and NZ flax fibre (muka) handbag woven in fishing net (kupenga) technique